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Dance Dynamics Performing Arts Team (PAT)

Enroll today for our Performing arts team. 

•The Dance Dynamics Performing Arts Team is a group of dancers ages 5 & up who train several hours a week in preparation for performance and competition season. It is an encouraging, supportive environment for dancers looking to take their training to the next level with the Dance Dynamics performing arts team and have more opportunity for performances outside of our Recitals.


AUDITIONS: The audition process consists of observing your dancer and placing them in the appropriate competition level groups.  We do not cut any dancer who wishes to compete.  Dancers will be evaluated on their technique, style, showmanship, and discipline. If you are unable to attend Audition workshops in June. If you are only going to dance in production then you only need to attend, workshop/boot camp. If you have any conflicts or questions, please let Miss Becky know ASAP. \ Team levels, and the number and style of routines given to each team level will be determined at the end of the summer sessions June.  Students will then be placed accordingly for boot camp and assigned appropriate days and times .    Levels are determined based on age, skill level, and number of dancers   participating in intensives and skill building classes over the summer. This workshop/boot camp takes the place of end of summer boot camps and Elite Auditions. If you wish to join our competition team and missed any workshops please contact Becky at 317-914-3402.  We do not cut we place students based on age and skill level. 



Repeated absences by the same dancers make it very difficult for teachers to set choreography on the team. It is also unfair for the students who do attend class regularly. A Performing Arts dancer will be allowed to be absent 5 times per year beginning in the fall in PAT Block and PAT Production. After the fifth absence, dancers will be fined $5 for each additional absence. All fines are put into the competition Team fund, which is used for incidental expenses for the group, Dancer of the month gift cards, etc. at the SOLE discretion of the director. We do understand that school comes before dance, and that sometimes dancers get sick or injured. Providing school scheduled activity calendars or written notifications and doctor’s notes is necessary if a dancer is to receive an excused absence. (Schedules need to be provided for all Fall sports prior to the schedule in July) Dancers who are injured should still come to class and observe to avoid getting an absence, but please do not come to class if you are not feeling well.

Dancer of the Week: Those selected as “Dancer of the Week” will earn one excused absence in a Performing Arts class. More information about how a dancer is chosen for Dancer of the Week can be found on the last page of this handbook.

***Note: sports schedules and practices especially for Jr. High and High school activities while maybe not posted on school website they are available, contact your coaches, or athletic director, etc. or appropriate person in charge. They do have them.


Performing Arts dancers will be required to do a minimum of 2-3 regional competitions a year between the months of February and May. Please keep your schedules open during that time frame. We will try to have a set schedule by Sept.1, 2023 probably sooner. Competition dates and locations are subject to change for several reasons, so please be prepared to adjust to a new schedule if necessary. Competitions will be selected in the fall, and we are willing to work around school related scheduling conflicts if we are notified before competitions are chosen. Vacations planned during competition season will not be considered as scheduling conflicts, but don’t worry; we do not plan competitions during Spring Break. Most if not all the competitions will be out of town Additional rehearsals may be called as the competitions approach, and all these rehearsals are mandatory. It is also mandatory that dancers attend all their PAT classes the week prior to a competition (PAT Block, Production, and Technique). Missing PAT classes the week prior to a competition and/or any mandatory rehearsals called prior to a competition will result in not be allowed to participate in the next competition or performance.


The Dance Dynamics Performing Arts Team is including some of the most advanced dancers in the studio, so we want them to represent us whenever we are invited to perform at community events. Performing Arts dancers must be available for community performances throughout the year, in addition to the studio’s Spring Recital. We will notify you of upcoming performances/appearances as early as possible so you can plan. 


Each dancer’s family is responsible for his or her expenses for the year, including tuition, team wear, competition entry fees, workshop fees, costumes, as well as travel, lodging, and food expenses. Fees are as follows( these fees are due by Oct. 10th and are considered late if not paid in full by this date:)A late fee of $20.00 per group will be added if paid past the due date. A dancer will not be allowed to compete if accounts are not paid in full  there are no refunds for competition fees. If a solo or duet fee is not paid by the due date, they will be dropped from the competition.

Tuition rates and Comp and Costume fees:  Students may take in addition to the class(es) listed in the table the equal number of recreational class(es).  example 1 comp class + production  add 1 rec class,   2 classes +production add 2 additional rec classes.

This previously was the unlimited class program available to students who participate in production number only. 


  • 1 comp class +Production                               $110.00 per month  +$530

  • 2 comp classes +Production                          $130.00 per month + $800

  • 3 comp classes +Production.                    $150.00 per month +$1060

  • 4 comp classes +Production.                     $170.00 per month+$1325

*Each additional class will add 20.00 to monthly tuition +$400 costume/comp fee charge


**Competition students not participating in Production will pay according to regular tuition class rates Plus will have the following comp/costume fees: (reminder fees are due by Oct. 10th)

  • 1 comp class.     $400

  • 2 comp classes $530

  • 3 comp classes $800

SOLOS, DUETS, TRIOS. Solo fees are $700.00 for solo choreography and rehearsals as stated below. Duet/trios are $400.00 and rehearse Sept-March one time per week provide all members are present. If make up is required, each member will pay instructor directly at the rate of $25.00 per ½ hour per dancer. (all dancers must be at makeup) dancers will be charged if instructor arrives and students are a no show, the amount will be charged to dancers parent account at that time.

Junior and Senior Team members who have completed 1 full year on the Performing Arts Team are eligible to compete a solo, duet, or trio, as long as they also meet the following requirements: (if you have previously performed a solo with us or our new to our program, please contact Becky for possible exception to these requirements for this year only. )No 1st year students in dance will be accepted for solos.

• Due to limited choreographer availability and high routine demand, it may not be possible to compete both a solo and a duet or trio.

Choreographers will be assigned based on style of dance and teacher availability. Our staff members have different and limited availability and will put a cap on how many routines they will take on. Solo Dancers will be scheduled for choreography 4 workshops with instructor and then will rehearse with the choreographer 6- ½ hour rehearsals  from Sept – March. Soloist will have rehearsal the week before the competition for final polishing. If additional rehearsals are needed you may schedule this with the choreographer and will pay them directly. Private lessons are $25-35.00.per ½ hour.

NOTE: Competition Entry fees for solos are typically between $130-$180, and for duet/trios usually $75-$95 per dancer. Music and style of dance will be chosen by the student and the choreographer, but the routine must fit within our recital theme. At competitions, these routines often get scheduled on Friday and Sunday evenings which can mean an extra day of travel expenses, so please understand that your choreographer may not be able to be there when you compete.

. You will save money on both private lessons and entry fees by competing a duet/trio instead of a solo.


E-MAIL IS OUR PREFERRED METHOD OF COMMUNICATION. If you receive an e-mail from us and have a question, we ask that you respond to the e-mail, and we will get back with you as quickly as possible. If you message us on Facebook, Instagram, or text our personal phones we may not get back to you. Just because you have our personal phone numbers does not mean you need to use them, you may however text 317-914-3402, and if you choose to text, please understand that we will likely respond to you via e-mail. We will send out all information regarding the Dance Dynamics Performing Arts Teams via e-mail. Check your email daily to keep up with the latest studio news. We work extremely hard to put together handouts and send them out in various formats, and we would really appreciate it if you would take the time to read them thoroughly and add any deadlines to your calendar.


Performing Arts dancers are representatives of the studio both inside and outside of class and are expected to conduct themselves as role models. As leaders of the studio, we expect them to always comply with the dress code. They should set the tone for how others conduct themselves in class, and in the dancer hall and waiting area. Performing Arts dancers are expected to be respectful of each other at the studio, and anywhere else they interact with their teammates. Disrespect to our staff members or other dancers in the studio will not be tolerated. Failure to comply with the rules will result in consequences including dismissal from the team.


The dancer Hall is a space where the dancers can hang out between classes, do homework, and have a quick snack to keep their energy up. However, we do expect the dancers to clean up after themselves and take pride in the appearance of the studio. Performing Arts Dancers will be given assigned a cubby space in the hallway  so they can keep their dance shoes and accessories at the studio. We do not allow them to keep food in their cubbies, and we expect them to keep their area neat and tidy. If they cannot follow these rules, they will no longer be allowed to have a cubby at the studio. It is an honor to be a member of the Performing Arts Team. We want you to have a great year filled with hard work, fun, and accomplishments!

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