2018-19 Tuition rates



1 class per week $35.00 per month per family or child

2 classes per week $55.00 per month per family or child

3 classes per week $85.00 per month per family or child

4 classes per week $105.00 per month per family or child

Unlimited classes per week  $100.00 per month,(one child) schedule up to 5 regular classes (may be a combination of competitive and recreational classes, may include up to 2 team classes and 1 specialty class- leaps and turns, barre class, stretching, etc)

Add an additional child in the same family for $85.00

*Team members class: add an additional $35.00 per month (if not on unlimited class plan)

*Unlimited does not apply to New York experience classes.


Ages: 2-6  

    ballet/tap   $45.00 per month

    jazz/tap     $45.00 per month


Specialty classes will be offered throughout the year based on students:  These classes may include leaps and turns, barre and stretching, and more. These will be $7.00 per class based on available space. (Unlimited class students will be required to sign up for these classes in the studio)

Solo class  $50.00 per month plus $200.00  non refundable deposit.

*** A limited number of soloists are excepted each season, on a first come first serve basis. 





Tuition is based on the dance season beginning in August and continuing through May.  Payments are divided into equal monthly payments and remain the same regardless of the number of weeks in the month.  

All payments are due on the 1st day of the month, payments made after this date are subject to a late fee.  Payments may be made online or at the studio.  We accept cash, debit,credit, and checks.  There is a $30.00 fee for any check returned by the bank for any reason.  All subsequent payments will only be accepted in cash or debit/credit card.  

Notices will be sent when an account becomes past due.  Class participation will be suspended for any dancer with an account 1 month past due, until account is brought current. If account is not current by the second month the dancer will be dropped from the class.  If dropped from a class(es) dancer may return based on availability. 

REGISTRATION FEE: An annual registration fee of $25.00 will be charged.  This fee is non refundable and holds a place for your dancer in the class or classes you have chosen.  Registration is not considered complete until this fee is paid.  $35.00 Maximum Family registration fee.

ATTENDANCE: It is important that your dancer is in class, frequent absence can hinder the progress of your dancer as well as the class.  It is the parents responsibility to inform the instructor if your dancer will have a lengthy absence. Arrangements for makeup classes can be made with the instructor if necessary.  We do allow students to attend another class of the same level or lower for intermittent absences.  Please make these arrangements with your dancer's instructor within one week of the missed class.

Private makeup class may be scheduled $25.00 per class.

DRESS CODE: All students need to be in proper dance clothing for dance.  

*Girls:  leotard, tights, leggings, etc. are all acceptable .   **No dresses, jeans, etc. 

            If in acrobatic class dancers must wear tight fitting top or leotard.

*Boys:  sweats, shorts, t-shirt, tank tops are all acceptable.   (no sagging pants)


  * We do offer shoes at the studio, we also have a large selection of used shoes available each year. 

CLASS PLACEMENT:  All class placement is based on the technical merit of each dancer. Age is also a consideration for placement in class..  Your dancer's placement in  class is determined by the instructors.  We are happy to schedule a placement evaluation for any dancer that is entering to our dance program from another dance program to ensure they are placed appropriately.  These evaluations are free to all registering students. **NOTE: We do not audition students for our program, we evaluate skill levels for proper placement.  We offer beginning through advanced student classes. 

PARENT OBSERVATION: Parents are welcome to observe any class(es) from our waiting area. If parents would like to video tape we welcome this during the last 5 minutes of class time.  Only registered students are allowed in the dance class.  Please keep younger siblings in the waiting area.  We ask that students picked up promptly at the end of class and please do not drop off students prior to 10 mins before the start of their class.  No student will be allowed to leave the building without a parent or guardian. 

STUDENT LOUNGE:  We do have an area designated for students to do homework if they have breaks between multiple classes.  This are no electronics (cell phones, iPods, etc) in this area.  Students need to be doing homework and remain quiet to respect those who are.  (If school class requires the use of IPAD or tablet students may use them to complete assignments only)

FOOD AND DRINKS:  All food and drinks must remain in the main waiting area and all students are expected to clean up after themselves.  

WEATHER CANCELLATIONS:  We will close due to bad weather when the Tippecanoe School Corporation has an early release due to weather.  We do not necessarily close when the school is delayed or closed as conditions may improve by late afternoon.  Please check our Facebook/Instagram page for updates on cancellations.  We make every attempt to contact all students when are closed due to weather by email. 

LIABILITY/INJURY:  It is understood that in Dance , as in any physical activity, there is an inherent risk of injury.  By acknowledgment of this document and typed name or signature of the parent's or legal guardian on the registration form for Dance Dynamics.  The parent or legal guardian acknowledges this risk and agrees to hold harmless, Dance Dynamics or any of it's representatives harmless in the case of injury as a result of participation in Dance Dynamics dance program.  It is also understood that the parents or legal guardian will inform Dance Dynamics of any medical condition that may limit full participation in the program.  In that case of limited participation due to an injury or other medical condition a release from the family physician may be required. 

PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEO:  Dance Dynamics has permission to use any photo that includes my dancer for the purpose of advertising, promoting or other business related activities, without compensation for such use.  Photos taken by Dance Dynamics are the  property of Dance Dynamics.

SIGNING RELEASE FORM:  A signed release is required for participation in our program.  Online registration typed name will constitute as the signature that these policies and guidelines have been read, registration cannot be completed with out this typed signature. 


Please instruct your dancer to keep their items in the cubbies or the baskets. Water bottles may brought into the dance class, however please make sure they have a lid that will close. 

Entering the building please stay on the carpet runners when entering the building in street shoes.  This will protect our floors and help during wet or snowy weather. 

We do share the facility with United Sounds, you are asked to make sure your child does not enter the United Sounds showroom unless accompanied by an parent or adult.