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Dance Dynamics cultivates a diverse community of students, educators, artists, and audiences in the Greater Lafayette area. We are committed to building a community that lives up to our belief, dance is for everyone. We have an organization where dance is a powerful vehicle for lifelong learning, well-being, transformation, and progress. Guiding each dancer to his or her highest potential.

We offer complete dance education for both recreational and competition classes.

Our program encompasses dance, dance history, and diversity and provide an inclusive environment for all abilities.


Our Preforming Arts Team program is designed to empower our dancers even more , achieve new levels of artistry and performance beyond what is possible in their regular class work and offer opportunities in competitions. To train and empower students to a pre-professional level with a competitive edge for those who may consider dance as a major or minor in college. To make possible a young dancer’s dream to dance and /or to pursue a career in theatre, dance performance, or as a dance educator. 

Our program is founded on these 5 Values

Respect-To conduct oneself with integrity through honesty, courtesy, and consideration for your fellow dance members, dance families, faculty and community. Recognizing that each and every person can and does contribute in their own unique way.

Integrity - To be given the privilege of setting an example, serving the people you are leading, and being an inspiration to others in the Dance Dynamics Dance Studio and the community.

Leadership – To promote the art of dance by motivating fellow dancers and helping guide each other in achieving a common goal. Recognize yourself as a role model at all times.

Responsibility - To respect the dance profession and uphold our values and standards of conduct in a way that characterizes the highest qualities of dance professionals.

Character - To be a person who represents personal integrity, leadership, responsibility and professionalism in classes, outside activities and events, and in all interactions with peers and in the community.

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